Circus history archived in the body.

GLORIOUS BODIES is a physical, moving, and hopeful circus and dance performance about the capacity of our bodies, about seeing and being seen, about the border between classical and contemporary circus with six acrobats between 53 and 67 years old, each with a past in the (more) classical circus. Circus history archived in the body.

Aging remains a taboo in our society and certainly in the circus world. Similar to top athletes, most acrobats stop their intensive training regimen after a certain age. How do the most perfect bodies transform? As a human being, can you ever make peace with your own body? Can you be completely in harmony? GLORIOUS BODIES shines a light on the process of aging in a unique way. A process that happens to all of us. Something that is, in fact, happening right now, at this very moment.

The roots of the performance can be found in partner acrobatics and movement. GLORIOUS BODIES dismantles the clichés about the older generation. An impressive, charming, and humorous performance that shows us what the human body is actually capable of. A capacity that is clearly timeless and ageless.


Concept, choreography: Piet Van Dycke

Performers: Winfried Deuling , Astrid Schöne, Det Rijven, Thorsten Bohle, Paul Griffioen en Johannes Fischer

Music: Kris Auwers

Installation: Arjan Kruidhof en Arjen Schoneveld

Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters

Technique: Casper Van Overschee

Executive producer: Sam Cunningham

Production: Circumstances

Coproduction: PLAN, Festival Circolo, DansBrabant, Cirklabo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, PERPLX, Perpodium

Special thanks to: Miramiro, Destelheide, Wybren Wouda

With support of:  The Flemish Government, Grensverleggers/deBuren


Jonas Van Soom, coordinator CIRKLABO

GLORIOUS BODIES certainly lived up to its title, it shows what the human body is capable of and there is clearly no age on it.

Veerle Van Schoelant, artistic director 30CC

I was very impressed by the richness of the material. It was fascinating to watch this group of elderly acrobats. So virtuoso, focused but playful at the same time.

Annelien Verdeyen, communication officer CIRKLABO

It is fascinating to see how an older, more fragile body moves with so much elegance and strength at the same time. And how certain techniques are still fully integrated.
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